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Dr. JP Farkas:

A very exciting new technology that we brought into the project has been used in Europe for almost 20 years that you're seeing all over the median marketing, and it's using cryotherapy for decreasing inflammation in the soft tissue. So our cryo therapist estheticians are able to help really tighten the skin using the cryotherapy modality by decreasing inflammation, causing hot and cold sensation with the applicators in order to be able to get blood flow to that area and whisk away a lot of those inflammatory mediators.

That can occur with all types of life, either with diet, either with soft tissue injury we even offer here at the center, most importantly for post-surgical massage, which helped to really get the lymphatic massage and edema. It's had amazing results with cellulite and skin tightening, and one of the most powerful aspects to it is it's totally non-invasive. There's no incisions. It does take multiple treatments to optimize your result. But with a great diet and exercise regimen, you're really able to tighten and tone those areas that are treated and it's we're seeing amazing, amazing results.