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Lunchtime Lipo

  • Neck/Chin Contouring
Dr. JP Farkas:

An exciting new tool we brought here into Farkas Plastic Surgery is neck contouring and jawline restructuring. This involves liposuction to the lower neck under service of your chin, with a small incision on the under service of your chin, nor to evacuate a lot of that problematic soft tissue and fullness of your lower chin by improving the jawline with contouring, using fillers, or with that grafting.

We can strengthen your jawline, really improving your cervical mental angle and a combination procedure that really euthanizes your neck, and it can be something very simple that we perform here in the office. It takes about 45 minutes with a very limited recovery and really can help you get rid of that under-chin fullness that is really aging and deforming to some patients.