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  • Rhinoplasty
Dr. JP Farkas:

People are so conscious of their nose because there's no hiding your nose and it's the middle of your face, and they're so concerned with these small imperfections or issues with their nose because to them, that's the first thing that anybody sees as soon as you look at someone's face. This is one of the most important parts of being a responsible, honest plastic surgeon.

When patients come to me and they say, what do you think about my nose? The conversation isn't what I think about their nose. The conversation is what bothers them about their nose and what I can do realistically to be able to achieve a result that they'll be happy with. A rhinoplasty, which is an incredible, amazing, powerful operation, which is a surgery of millimeters, can change someone's overall appearance by just subtle changes that you can perform.

Doing a nose operation procedure by tightening their tip, shrinking their nose, taking the dorsum or the hump. Down to make it nice and smooth. And those can dramatically affect a patient's self-esteem ranging from age 16 years old up into their forties or fifties. Patients that come in with a picture and say, I wanna nose it looks like this person or this person.

That's my job as the plastic surgeon to educate the patient that there are many characteristics of a person's face that develop their appearance of their nose, their facial skeletal structure, the volume of their face. Facial proportions, and that's the most important part of the consultation and is to discuss with them in detail what changes that they're looking for.

Are they reasonable changes that can be successfully accomplished in the operating room?