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Dr. JP Farkas:

A common operation inquired about here, Farkas Plastic Surgery is called otoplasty or ear pinning. So this has to do when you have excess consul bowl fullness or when your ears are sticking too far away from your head and involves removing some of that cartilage to be able to bring your ears closer to your scalp.

It's important that your ear shape maintains its exact same contour and proportions for pre and postoperatively. And there also can be different changes involved in your otoplasty procedure if there is some peaking to the cartilage, which happens to cause, what is it, elf deformity or can have more of a telephone appearance to be able to improve with otoplasty.

So this is something that we can discuss here at your consultation to see what is best for you to be able to reshape the prominent ear deformity that you may have.