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Breast Reconstruction

  • Breast Reconstruction
Dr. JP Farkas:

A very big portion of the surgical practice here at Farcus Plastic Surgery is involved in breast reconstruction surgery after cancer therapy. So there's a couple different ways to go about breast reconstructive surgery.

There's an implants based surgery or there's using your own tissue. I'm a trained microvascular surgeon that's able to offer patients with my team microvascular reconstruction, which is basically using the tissue that's removed during a tummy tuck and hooking it up under a microscope into their chest to be able to reconstruct their breast mound. This can either give you the opportunity to either use an implant with your own tissue, but patients generally like to use the operation because it's able to evacuate some of the abdominal fullness they have and give them a nice natural aesthetic breast shape and mound.

Implant-based reconstruction, which is also an excellent reconstructive procedure if you aren't able to use your abdominal tissue, can help reconstruct the breast mound with an implant-based reconstruction. The breast reconstructive procedure, which is imperative after your cancer therapy, which involves taking away the breast tissue, depends on what we are going to use to be able to restore that breast mound and be able to take your reconstruction to the most natural and individualized treatment for you.