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Breast Augmentation & Lift

  • Augmentation and Lift
Dr. JP Farkas:

One of the most common surgical procedures reform here at Farcus plastic Surgery is augmentation mastopexy, or an implant placement with a lift. It's always the conversation and difficult one with the woman, if she needs to consider a lift, which puts more scarring on the breast vs just an implant alone.

It's very common that if when an after woman has a breast augmentation over years, that the breast implant can descend and stretch the soft tissue in order to be able to get them a better breast aesthetic in the future, that you're gonna need to tighten the skin envelope to lift the breast, as well as exchange the implant.

Things that are unavoidable in breast surgery are scars with a breast lift. So they're generally around the areola and down the front surface of the breast, plus or minus if they need to be underneath the breast to be able to get at the breast aesthetic. But it's important to conceptualize that you need to be able to elevate the breast tissue on top of the implant to get that nice round shape if you're.

Okay. Without having an implant where you are okay with a natural appearing breast without the upper pole fullness, then [00:01:00] you may not need an implant, and that can be discussed at your consultation. All of these issues and questions can be gone over in detail, but it's important to kind of just conceptualize what you're looking for if you need an implant.

With or without the lift depends on how your breast tissue sits on your chest. Hopefully, we're able to see you for a consultation and can discuss further. If you have any final questions about all the incredible procedures we have offered here at the medical spa or center, please don't hesitate to either email or call us at the phone number listed on the website to be able to go in detail and have you come in for a consultation to be able to go over all the best options for you.