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Lower Body Lift

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Dr. JP Farkas

So generally after massive weight loss operations, patients can be left with deflated skin. So a powerful posterior operation that we perform here is called a lower body lift. Which encompasses an incision just above the buttock and extends around to the hips posteriorly in order to really elevate the lower lateral thighs, as well as take care of a lot of that excess tissue in the lower or upper back after massive weight loss.

Most important is that patients really are changing contour for a scar, but this can also be performed in conjunction with an anterior operation or a tummy tuck for massive weight loss in order to be able to give you a circumferential treatment in order to address your body contour for your needs.

The operation is done in the hospital. You have to be there overnight. You'll have drains in place, but it really is the only option to be able to get rid of that excess skin tissue that you can get with waist loss on your posterior back and lateral thighs and buttock. We hope to see you soon.