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Body Liposuction

  • Liposuction
Dr. JP Farkas:

Liposuction procedures can entail all types of different body contouring. It can encompass liposuction to just the abdomen, to the back, to the flanks, to the thighs, as well as to the arms. Generally, liposuction should only be performed on patients that are really at their optimal weight. It's not a weight reduction tool, but more of a body contouring type of operation.

The ability of doing liposuction circumferentially, then patients generally are now desire sometimes to have a Brazilian buttock lift, which involves fat grafting to the buttock. By using that same fatty tissue you remove with liposuction. Here at Farkas Plastic Surgery, we do what's called a safe liposuction technique, which is using power assisted liposuction.

It helps to break up the fatty tissue and then askaspirate it in order to be able to give a nice, smooth interface between the skin and subcutaneous tissue and their underlying core to be able to get a nice without having any ridges in the liposuction in itself. Inquire here at Farcus Plastic Surgery for the different liposuction that may be best for you.