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Brazilian Butt Lift Video

  • Brazilian Buttock Lift
One of the more common body contouring operations we perform here at Farcus Plastic Surgery is the Brazilian Buttock lift. So the Brazilian buttock lift consists of 360 liposuction to your torso and possibly your thighs in order to capture the fat. It's processed and spun to be able to concentrate those stem cells, which are the fat stem cells, and then they are re-injected superficially above the muscle of your buttock to get you a nicer shape and contour that's very good for hip dips and be able to get you a nicer shave and curve to your torso.

What's very, very powerful is the liposuction to your lower back to improve the lordotic curve, but it's important to know that the fat grafting isn't supposed to give you a very, very large buttock. It's just supposed to give you a nice shapely, gluteus area to be able to help get that better contour that sometimes patients after pregnancy and weight loss that they're unhappy with, with a deflated buttock.

It's an excellent, powerful tool to be able to provide patients with, to be able to get them in nicer shape. It's important to know that after the [00:01:00] surgery, you really can't sit on your buttock for two weeks time, and then over the course of the next six to eight weeks, you really wanna limit that time because you want that fat graft to be able to settle and develop blood supply in order to survive to get you that nicer shape and contour.

If you have any final questions about all the incredible procedures we have offered here, At the Medical Spa Center, please don't hesitate to either email or call us at the phone number listed on the website to be able to go in detail and have you come in for a consultation to be able to go over all the best options for you.