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I gained a lot of weight with my three children. I took a toll on my body. My body wasn't as tight. I was flabby. I had excessive skin. I had a huge scar from three C-sections. I wasn't feeling confident in myself, and I wanted to go back to what I looked like when I was 20 years old. And that's why I went ahead and I got a doctor like Dr. Farkas. I went to him inquiring about getting a mini talk and resurfacing my scar. I describe him, first of all, as a wonderful person, how patient he is. It's just a friendly and warm office, and I feel right at home. I had other consultations with other groups, but I didn't feel as comfortable. Dr. Farkas explained everything with such grand detail.

He made me feel like everything was gonna be okay, and I was going to be very, very happy with my results. He's gonna work, you know, to make his patients very happy, and that's what he did for me. I was expecting to be out of commission for at least four weeks. I was shocked that after a week I was almost back to my normal routine almost.

I was probably most worried about the way the scar was gonna look. While the results were amazing. I'm ecstatic with my new scar. My waist seems so much trimmer and slim. I can wear my bathing suits and feel comfortable in them, so I'm feeling really happy. I'm so thankful that I met Dr. Farkas. I just wish that it would've came a few years earlier and sooner so I could have done my surgery sooner.

I trust Dr. Farkas with my life. I just thank him every day for the results I have.