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Otoplasty is a general term for surgical correction of the prominent ear. Over projecting or prominent ears are significant congenital ear deformities that are a source of teasing and social embarrassment for a young child. The prominent ear can be present at birth. There can be multiple components to the prominent ear, including effacement of the upper fold of the ear, enlargement of the conchal bowl, or a combination of the two. Prominence can be mistaken for cupping or construction of the ear, which may require a different operation for correction. In order to correct the prominent ear, the cause of the prominence should be identified and addressed. The operation can be performed at the earliest at four years of age. Otoplasty can be performed at any point after this age. The otoplasty operation usually takes under two hours and is an outpatient operation/procedure. The ear prominence is corrected through an incision in the back of the ear, which enables folding, suturing and reducing the ear prominence. The sutures are internal and usually a simple headband dressing is all that is needed. Scarring is usually minimal and the most common risk is partial recurrence of the prominence. An otoplasty consultation with photographs is an important component to proceeding with an otoplasty, or ear pinning, which can be done in Dr. Farkas' office.