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Liquid Facelift
Dr. JP Farkas:

So a liquid facelift involves an operation of having to be knowledgeable of the facial anatomy because it's important to know that over time facial aging happens to specific portions of your face, your skin ages over time, the soft tissue of your face ages with time, as well as the bone underneath.

There's different fillers that we can use to help to reconstitute the different layers, and it's important that they're directed in specific positions of your facial anatomy in order to give you a youthful regeneration to your overall face. Fillers can be placed in totally wrong positions from people that are not knowledgeable on facial anatomy and make you look deforming.

The goal of a liquid facelift, which has to do with syringes in order to actually restructure the contour of your face between deep fillers along the bone to more superficial fillers based nasolabial fold, and even thinner fillers that you use underneath your under eyes to be able to blend your lid in your cheek junction.

So it's very important you go to a very well-trained plastic surgeon or dermatologist to be able to discuss these options with you to be able to see what's best for your facial rejuvenation. We hope to see you soon.
The liquid facelift is a non-invasive way for total facial rejuvenation. Not to be compared with an invasive surgical rejuvenation, liquid facelift is able to conservatively improve aging changes to the face and neck. The combination of hyaluronic acid fillers and calcium hydroxylapatite volumizes specific areas of the face that have deflated and descended over time. The amount of product necessary for your procedure will be outlined at your consultation by Dr. Farkas. The treatment takes around 30 minutes and results last for up to one year or longer. Your body metabolizes the products over time stimulating collagen production. The liquid facelift does not alter or impair your ability to have a surgical procedure in the future and may be a good precursor for patient not quite ready for a definitive surgical correction.

Dr. Farkas had extensive training in invasive and non-invasive facial rejuvenation authoring peer reviewed publications specifically focused on the anatomy of facial aging. This understanding allows him to concentrate your treatment on the specific areas of your face that have changed over time such as your pre-jowl and tear trough. Different soft tissue fillers have different volumizing characteristics and Dr. Farkas will explain the benefit of each in detail at your consultation. You will likely encounter some bruising and swelling following the procedure that may last 3-5 days. A post treatment healing regimen developed by Farkas Plastic Surgery will be discussed at your consultation to help you through the healing process.