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Dermal Fillers
Fillers can help restore the look of youth to your face by restoring the volume that age has depleted and by filling in deep wrinkles caused by repeated facial expressions and sun damage. The goal of augmentative fillers is to raise the wrinkle and/or sunken area to the same surface of the surrounding skin by filling it with a replacement material. 

All injections at Farkas Plastic Surgery and Spa are performed by Dr. Farkas.
There are a variety of augmentative fillers available today from fat injections to to hyaluronic acids.

What areas of the face are the fillers used?

  • Nasolabial folds (smile lines) 
  • Glabellar lines (forehead frown lines) 
  • Lip augmentation 
  • Vertical lip lines 
  • Marionette lines (mouth corners) 
  • Facial depressions 
  • Deep wrinkles 
  • Facial scarring 
  • Sunken cheeks 
  • Indentations, 
  • Hollow eyes 
  • Nasal defects 

What are the fillers made of and how long do they last?

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are naturally occurring substances in your skin that are broken down by the body over a 6-9 month period. No permanent injectable are used at Farkas Plastic Surgery and if for whatever reason you are unhappy with you non-invasive treatment fillers are completely reversible by injecting a hyaluronidase to dissolve the product instantly. You will go over you desires with Dr. Farkas during your consultation and together come up with the best treatment plan tailored to your anatomy and desires.


Neuromodulators or neurotoxins are used to soften deep dynamic wrinkles that occur in your skin over time from repetitive muscle contraction. Common areas treated at Farkas Plastic Surgery are the forehead, brow, and crow’s feet ( sides of the eyes). The forehead muscle or frontalis is a flat muscle spanning over the entirety of the forehead that is responsible for lifting or elevating the eyebrows. The corrugator and procerus muscle are the muscles located in the eyebrows and between them and are the brow depressors are muscles involved in pulling your brows down towards your eyes. The crows feet or squinting muscles is the orbicularis muscle and extends around the entire eye and is responsible for blinking. Only the outer 25% of this muscle is treated as to avoid any issues with the patients blink. Sometimes selected muscles of the face around the nose or chin may also be recommended for treatment depending on patient anatomy.
The two types of neuromodulators utilized at Farkas Plastic Surgery are Jeauveau and Botox. Both excellent products that last or 12-16 weeks and have no residual or additive affect. The treatments take up to approximately 2 weeks to take affect and are the strongext over the period of 6-8 weeks at which time the body metabolizes the product over the remaining 6-12 weeks until the treatment has completely reversed.
Getting on a routine program will guarantee a lasting result and continued youthful appearance. All injections are performed by Dr. Farkas.