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Brow Lift
As we age, there are two forces that act to give our brows a sagging or droopy appearance. We are all familiar with gravity and its effects. What you may not know is that volume loss (fat) in this area creates a deflated appearance leading to the impression that the brow is lower when in fact it may not be. Regardless of its cause, this appearance can make us look tired or older. Additionally, there are horizontal lines in our forehead and furrows between our brows that contribute to our overall appearance and perception. With the increased popularity of botulinum injections, many patients subtle droopiness of their brow can be helped with this alone but unfortunately is not a permanent fix.

There is no ideal age for a brow lift. Patients are commonly between the age of 40 and 60. It can help patients of any age open their upper eyelids and diminish their deepened furrows and frown lines. The goal is to achieve a more alert and refreshed appearance NOT an overdone or startled look. A forehead lift can give you a rejuvenated look for many years after your surgery. Patients often state they look more rested.