Microvascular Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction using your own body’s tissue from your abdomen with either a free TRAM or DIEP flap has the advantages of forming a natural appearing and feeling breast. The abdominal tissue is removed with its blood vessels and transplanted to the chest vessels to assume a new role as living tissue under the breast skin. The blood vessels and tissue are fragile and can be injured very easily. Dr. Farkas promotes the healing of the free flap with close observation for the first 72 hours. The flap is monitored with a Doppler ultrasound, which detects a pulse and blood flow within the flap. Most patients will be hospitalized from three to seven days but this varies for the individual patient. Despite the increased complexity of the procedure the increased length of recovery, Dr. Farkas strives to make this breast reconstruction method a reliable option with a very predictable recovery so please do not hesitate to call the office with any questions throughout your recovery period.