Liquid Rhinoplasty

Liquid Rhinoplasty is an excellent option for reshaping or recontouring subtle imperfections with your nose. Dr. Farkas uses soft, non-permanent, malleable hyaluronic acid fillers to adjust these areas with the liquid rhinoplasty. If you desire significant reshaping or straightening of your nose you may need a definitive surgical rhinoplasty to achieve the result you are looking for which would be covered in detail at your consultation. Farkas Plastic Surgery utilizes novel 3-D imaging techniques to provide you with the ability to actually see the changes to your nasal shape and contour prior to the treatment. Based on your underlying anatomy and his expertise, Dr. Farkas is able to diagnose and discuss the best treatment plan for you.

The benefit of the liquid rhinoplasty is it is a non-invasive option to correct those small bothersome imperfections to your nose without the need for surgery. If you are unhappy with the change, the filler is completely reversible with injection of hyaluronidase. There is no recovery or downtime and results will last for 7-9 months. Bruising and swelling may occur and generally resolves in 3-5 days.

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