Face/Neck Lift

Facial rejuvenation can entail reversing the effects of aging in one area of the face or the entire neck, face, eyelids and brow. Your decision for facial cosmetic surgery is an individual one and the plan will be discussed during your consultations with Dr. Farkas. Each area of the face may require different amounts of care depending on what is performed. The neck and face component of facial rejuvenation involves tightening the neck line which involves repair of the superficial neck muscles under the chin (anterior platysmaplasty) as well as removal of fat and skin to define the jaw line. This is combined with a SMAS (Superficial Musculoaponeurotic System) facelift, which repositions the facial soft tissue on this strong structure to provide a natural and long lasting facelift. Dr. Farkas advises at least one night of observation to ensure his patients are comfortable and confident in their recovery after this type of surgery.

Before & After