Nipple Reconstruction at New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Farkas Plastic Surgery

Nipple Reconstruction

Nipple reconstruction is typically the last surgical stage of your breast reconstruction. Often this is done through the same incision as the initial surgery. The procedure itself involves the elevation and rotation of multiple flaps to give a new projected nipple or a grafting of the areola or nipple sharing procedure. The location will be discussed immediately prior to surgery. The initial nipple reconstruction will look much different in size shape and color then the final result. Depending on your desires this can be tailored to your specific case to some degree. Some reshaping may be performed at the same time as the nipple reconstruction. In some circumstances as part of the reshaping fat grafting can be performed at this same time. If this is planned it will be discussed with you. In most situations, this is an outpatient surgery and is tolerated very well. Areola tattooing and/or 3-D tattooing is typically discussed 8 weeks after nipple reconstruction.

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